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Becoming a Human again

The most adventurous inner guide book

I was told, “You're a dreamer with all your grand ideas, come back to earth.”; I am here doing just that. But I just right after achieving my dreams.
Becoming a human again serves as a vessel to take you on the journey through 50+ countries where Monta Vilumsone spent the last 12 years in the search of herself. From the outer world of tropical beaches and life of luxury to her innermost caves of doubts, low self-worth you will travel to discvor the true essence of yourself and remember how to be a human again - a creator beyond the wildest dreams, a watcher of life's beauty and joyful experiencer of my own reality.
So, sit back, relax, and read on.


Monta Vilumsone

"Books, blogs, vlogs, big ideas, youtube channels INSIDE OF YOU don't change the world. Your action to write, film, speak and create them does."

I read it more than just once. Fully living with you and crying and laughing with you. It gave me inner peace and strength to stop and review my life and values.


Monta Vilumsone

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