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Bob Proctor about my new book:

“You are unique.  There is no one else in the world quite like you.  Yet, even with all of this specialness and the fact we are God’s highest form of creation, we’ve all asked ourselves, “What’s the matter with me?” An inquisitive woman, Monta has questioned her way through life and has purposefully moved from “why me?” to “why not me?” to create her best life.  A simple change in our self-talk can produce a huge change in our results. Monta’s book Becoming a Human Again, is a great guide with how-tos to move you from lack and limitation to realizing your uniqueness and living a life of abundance and joy.”


Bob Proctor, Featured Teacher in The Secret and best-selling author of You Were Born Rich


Monta Vilumsone

"Books, blogs, vlogs, big ideas, youtube channels INSIDE OF YOU don't change the world. Your action to write, film, speak and create them does."

I read it more than just once. Fully living with you and crying and laughing with you. It gave me inner peace and strength to stop and review my life and values.


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