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 The real reason why ''no wages to wages'' is your everyday life!

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💎Do you have the feeling that you never have enough money for everything you want?

💎Does the fear that "it will end soon" almost paralyze you?

💎Do monthly bills make you anxious?

💎Are you ashamed of a debt or a loan?

💎Do you often say no, just because there is not enough money?

💎Do you often get the feeling that you will never have much money?

💎Are you waiting for someone else to bring money (husband, inheritance, lottery) instead of you?

💎Do you feel guilty for wanting more than you already have?

💎Do you have the feeling that you don't come from the right city, family, didn't study in the right school or that a rich life is simply not meant for you?

💎 Have you noticed that you have not been able to get over a certain level of income for a long time or that even if one debt is paid off, another one suddenly appears?

💎Do "accidental" spending drain your savings?

💎Do you try to spend money quickly, if suddenly you have more of it and find yourself without it again?

💎💎💎Do you... You just know that you have an opportunity to improve your relationship with money?

I'll admit, I was too...

Yes, I used to live like that! 
There was a time when these feelings were commonplace in me. I tried to dream of a better life, but it didn't seem attainable, real and meant for me.

I've been there! When it's not enough again... When you have to borrow when you don't understand why it doesn't work out...

And the feeling is that it would be better for the earth to open up than to think again about where to get more money. Should I borrow again, ask someone? And I hated it, but yes, I lied that I didn't want to go to an event because admitting that I didn't have enough money would be too embarrassing.

I worked more hours than I slept. I always said YES to overtime, night shifts, but the amount of money didn't change. The feeling that there won't be enough, that there will be unexpected expenses again, never left me.

I finally sat down to be with myself and look at my income and figure out what needed to change. If 600 euros a month was enough for me at the end of high school, now, receiving 2000 euros a month, nothing had changed. In addition, my conversation with myself was in a fantastic place, I didn't lack anything in life at that time - I lived in a beautiful villa, overlooking the ocean, and everything was provided for me.

But that feeling "I'm going to run out soon!", "I don't deserve this good life!", "Something is going to go wrong and I'm going to fall off the "throne"!" didn't leave me. 

That day I finally decided - everything, my life has to change!
I am asking for help in meditation so that I can see what I cannot yet see and fix it.

I promised myself and the cosmos - if I can solve these blocks in myself, if I gain financial stability, I will share it with others. I will tell about these methods to everyone who also wants to get out of poverty, from the feeling of lack in their mind.

I didn't know how this could happen and I was very scared, but I literally wanted to throw up from the feeling that I was about to run out of money, even though I had everything.
I realized - if this continues, I will go crazy!
I ended the meditation with tears in my eyes and gratitude for being ready for change.

This is not just for me, this is for all of us!
I chose to learn this so that we can all live in an abundance mindset. So that I can share so that you can receive information and pass it on to your family, your girlfriends, your work colleagues, and maybe even teach it to others.


First, I had to understand and change that,
how I perceived money.

I had programs, attitudes, behaviors, actions about and around money that did not support me at all. Kind of like an inner terror that always had a threat or fear about how I handled money.

These habits did nothing to help me build the life I truly wanted.

I started changing the perception of money with tasks and questions,
which made me look into my eyes and admit to myself:

💶 how do I think about money?

💶 how do I treat money?

💶 what do I expect from money?

💶 what are my expectations about and around money?

💶 what are my fears?

💶 how do I talk about money?

💶 how did I feel with or without money?

💶 what is the energy in me when I talk about money?

💶 what was my identity when I thought about money?

💶 how did I feel about money?

BUT I didn't stop at just learning this.
I went even further!

  • I began to learn how to attract money, funds and how to feel that money is my support.

  • I began to explore the importance of money in my life.

  • I learned different meditations.

  • I went to spiritual and secular teachers to understand money from different perspectives.

And with every action, my income grew!

I began to understand money, its energy and feel how it works, what it attaches to.

I started seeing numbers in my bank account that I was happy about.

I learned what it's like to work less and get more.

I learned how to do nothing and feel valuable.

I fearlessly faced my fears that said, "If you go on a trip, you will definitely miss customers."

I learned and continue to learn how to receive and accept easily, from any source of money. 

I started accepting surprises on my account, I learned to freely accept gifts, wonderful collaborations, fantastic offers. 

I saw money as an opportunity, a friend, a support.

And I keep doing it!

I increased my income! Do you want it too?

The best part - I don't ask anyone to come and buy my courses!

I don't knock on doors countless times asking to buy or watch my videos.

Clients started coming to me and asking for courses, services, private coaching. Customers self-promoted my products by telling others about them.

I learned to master the Abundance Mindset.

Do you also want to manage it?

Because it works!!!

Youtube_covers (46).jpg
Buddha Statue

Close your eyes for a moment and imagine yourself as a millionaire!

You have everything - you own a beautiful home, you probably run a great company, you have rest and adventures with your loved ones. 



Now tell yourself: 
I think like a millionaire. 
I make decisions like a millionaire. 
I set boundaries like a millionaire. 
I am free from Money Blocks!

Although my feeling -I'm still at the beginning and I still want to learn so much- scares me, looking at how my business has grown over the past years, I know I have something to pass on to you!

Today I have trained several hundred wonderful ladies not only in Latvia, but also in America, England, India and Canada.

I have given wings and helped manifest new houses, babies, cars, dresses, fated men and business development.

I have helped improve my financial situation, change jobs, start new businesses and pay off debts.

I am proud of each of my students!

I am honored and grateful that you trust me!

And, yes, at first I was also afraid of a better life, of a pleasant, beautiful place to live and of a wonderful relationship where you feel like the most perfect woman in the world.

Inside, the terrorist's voice repeated every day: "It can't go on like this for long!"

But I recognized that it was this voice that had sabotaged me for so many years and ruined those happy moments because there was a time when I listened to it.

When I think:
no, you can't feel as good as meditation every day!

no, it can't be that I'll have any left over after paying the bills.

no, it can't be that he only has me.

no, you can't be that happy with yourself.

Until I said something else:

Yes I can! And my life will be even better!

I will give you a little insight.
Two years ago I returned to Latvia with an empty bank account. Before returning, I spent two weeks in Hong Kong waiting to see if our project in Shanghai would go ahead or not. I had planned to stay in Hong Kong for only 3 days and be back at work, because there are no options for living cheaply. Calculate it yourself - I lived there for 2 weeks, each night in the hotel cost at least 75 euros, then food and transport were another 45 euros. As well as the visa itself, travel expenses... I quickly drained my savings.

When it was announced that cities were being closed in China, I realized that my positive thinking would not change the fact that the project, my source of income, would not continue.

I chose to return to Latvia and wait a bit. I was happy to be back after almost 2 years away, but inside I was scared about how I would cope. That voice again and the shame of having spent my savings.

I think that my stay in Latvia will be short, for a month at the most, and then I will be able to go back to work - to Shanghai or Panama, Canada or maybe some new metropolis.

However, I found myself in Sigulda. Instead of the metropolis, I was in the old apartment, the house where I spent the first 12 years of my life. A place I had deliberately run away from in search of a better life in the world. And now, at the age of 32, I live with my mother again. And with my sister in the same room. When everything was closed in Latvia, my only thought was -if only I could get by somehow, if only I could make ends meet! 

It felt like a clapper was being put on me -

You are only allowed to want the minimum. Don't even think about affording too much!

I was sinking deeper and deeper into the swamp of my own making. I didn't believe myself! I did not believe that the situation had a great way out, because I had never experienced such a thing in Latvia. If I was somewhere else, I would definitely succeed, but here I was doomed.

I realized that once again I was trying to sabotage myself, ditch and spiral downward in my thoughts that I would fail. This had happened before and I decided it wouldn't happen again! 
I have to find and I will find a way out of this!


I started almost religiously FINALLY applying everything I had read and thought about - "one day" I will.

I started a new relationship with myself.

With tears in my eyes, I realized that I must appreciate the time I have been given.

I began to understand, appreciate and respect money.


My relationship changed!

This course is not just about money!
This one will be about self-respect, about love, about self-appreciation,
for respecting your time.

Because you know, even those who have so much money that it would be enough for the whole world, often don't have happy relationships, time for family, or they don't know how to communicate with people or stay alone with themselves.

Because money is not just your account statement.
Money is Energy!

Because money is not just numbers in your account.
Money is energy!

If you don't see money as energy yet,
then this course will open your eyes to another world! 

Why Now?

Because the pandemic, like any crisis, showed - the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Those who dared and adapted to the situation are the winners today. But this is the high time to change your thinking!

I'm sorry, but it won't be like it was before.

The world is already new!

And it is full of abundance!

But do you see it?

Am I promising you millions in 40 days? No, not at all. But I promise you thatYou will start to think more and more like a millionaire.Andnot only to think, but also to act.
People who took this course last year are still talking about it today!


They managed to say goodbye to fear and insecurity.

No more feeling like you're about to run out of money.

Finally, there is peace and joy in how much there is.

My students are happy to pay the bills.

They have also found a way to attract and let money flow to them!


Dagnia Lepper
Creator of DAFNEknits knitwear

I believe I can have as much money as I want! I have removed the limits I imposed on myself - what I can afford and what I can't! To earn a lot, I don't have to work hard and a lot!

ieva spilberga.jpg

Ieva Spielberg

Mother of 3 girls

During the challenge, I practiced a gratitude focus, which I continue to do today. I would definitely recommend participating in the challenge, because it helps you look at what is happening differently and change your attitude, see the positive and opportunities.

kristine kisnica.jpg

Kristine Kisnica

The most valuable thing I gained is to define what I need and achieve it. I appreciated myself, my time and life and began to realize how much, what it costs and what I want from my heart. In the summer, I manifested a job where I earn the desired amount, which I defined during the abundance challenge.

What will you get in the course?

💰A new identity, in whichYou will think and act like a rich You. You will say goodbye to the programs that prevented you from increasing your income.

💰 Youopen the door to opportunities to earn more!

💰 You will havespecific tasks, how to work with limiting ideasand transform them so that they support You.

💰You will forgive! Forgive and let go of wrongs. You will forgive everyone who has or seems to have hurt you.

💰 Youyou will understand the energy and frequency of money. You will learn how to attract moneywith your vibration and how to step into the feeling''I embrace abundance and more than I need".

💰 You will accept and confirm that you are here to do something very valuable andYou are supported.

💰You will learn to TRUST AND BE PATIENTunder any conditions!

And that's not all!!!
  • You will also have a supportive Facebookcommune.

  • PDF workbook with exercises.

  • Telegramchat for daily support.

  • Meditations.

  • Affirmations.

  • Block elimination task.


🍓 Abundance meditation.

🍓 Thanksgiving Ritual for Abundance.

🍓 Active Meditation for Block Elimination.

🍓 VIP group meeting in person for the first 20 participants.


Alice Bukowski

Thank you very much, Monta, for this fantastic challenge that allowed me to get closer to myself again, to love myself more, to let go and be happy more and to give a new zeal to continue fulfilling my dreams!

katrīna cīrule 2.webp

Katrina Cīrule

coach, public speaking teacher

One conversation with Mont and my eyes were opened! My product was actually worth 3x the original price I had put on it. Her wealth of business experience, strategic vision and presentation style reflect the mindset of a millionaire. I recommend staying close to Monta and you will become wealthier!

aiga zviedre.jpg

Aiga Sweden
mother and content creator

Well, the universe really has incredible power! Today we found and talked about our new car, which was one of my manifestations. I still can't believe that at the end of the week I will be behind the wheel of my family car. We found it at an incredible price and meeting all requirements. Well, space is complete!

​Hi, my name is Monta Viļumsone!

I am living the life of my dreams!
I have everything and I continue to explore myself, this world and enjoy all aspects of life.
I am a successful business owner, author of a book, host of a podcast and everyday I am always with more than 10,000 followers on various online platforms.
My perspective and experience have helped to improve the daily lives of hundreds of women in Latvia and around the world. The techniques I share have helped manifest your dreams!

I didn't grow up around successful business people, and most of my life I worked to "build" other people's dreams.
I too had big dreams, but many blocks. I felt torn that my life would never be as bright as others. My account balance limited me. I loved to travel, but I only allowed myself the cheapest way to travel. Only the cheapest form of transportation. Only the cheapest food.
I had to learn and relearn a lot.
At the end of 2017, while writing a new year's plan in a hostel in Panama, I promised myself - I will go and learn if rich people are really as bad as I believe inside.
On January 1, 2018, I was already on a yacht with a wealthy Panamanian family. The training had begun! I spent the next 3 months living among millionaires, learning and observing them and what they do on a daily basis, how they act, how they behave and who they really are.
Although I spent my holidays on exotic islands, going to them by yacht, I felt deprived inside. So I continued to study. I kept digging and digging my blocks. I found courses, video lectures, coaches, talked to other people who have gone through it.
It took a couple more years for me to really feel like I had it all.

My first surprise was when I had 4 euros in my bank account after the book was published, but I felt fantastic! 
I was at peace. I was confident that the cosmos would take care of me!
At that time I was living in my dream house, I had a wonderful commune, and I knew - 4 or 4000 euros, but I am a value!

Today I have increased my hourly value from 20 to 125 euros, and I know that after some time that amount will also go up.

​But this is not about price, this is about value! 
In the past, I didn't feel it was worth 20 euros/hour. I gave discounts, I spent well over an hour at work and gave and gave until I found myself tired and burnt out.
Today I know my worth, and that is why women come to me to learn who also want to learn their worth.

And that's why this course is here! 
Because it is in this course that I combine everything that I have used and tell you how to best use it. You won't have to read those mountains of books and look for coaches and podcasts.
Everything will be presented to you in an orderly sequence, so that step by step you start thinking like a Rich You!
And you are my biggest victory!
I want all of us to be able to sincerely and from the heart address each other with the words: ​"Hey, millionaire!" To know that we all have exactly what we dreamed of - time, money, relationships.
And most importantly -within ourselves we know we are value!

Course Plan

Week 1:
Money Blockand past NElimination of negative experiences.
Your ownforgiveness of mistakes.
Purificationand your ownacceptance of mistakes.

Week 2:
Habits that keep you in poverty, their elimination.
Practice galore.
New frontiers.
Rich/Poor mindsetsandAction analysis.

Week 3:
Opens the door to MONEY- additional sources of income and actions to activate them.
I will show you that you are valuable and what you can provide, and how you can be well paid for it!

Week 4:
Manifestwhatever you want! Step into the Highest Vibration.
Active Meditationandpractices for your body-tapping(folding), shaking(shaking). Because everything must be on the same wave, if you want to manifest - the body, the mind, the soul must be in harmony!

Week 5:
MineThe new minimum income.
MeNew living standards.
myNew frontiers.

Week 6:

Your wealthandYour thinking as a legacy.
How to pass it on? What will you leave behind?



Course progress

Everything will happen onlinethe environment.
New course assignments are available every day. You can fill them at a time and place convenient for you!
Access to the course 24/7.

You will receive video, audio and written assignments in 6 weeks.


You can repeat the tasks as many times as necessary. 

All coursematerials will be available until the end of April.

As a bonus you will receive:

  • Meditation for Abundance.

  • A Gratitude Ritual You Can Do Today!

  • The opportunity to join the VIP meeting in person (for the first 20 participants).

Total value of the course, adding the cost of each material together,is more than 1000 euros.
Currently thisthe course will cost you only 155 euros, which isonly 3.88 euros per day!
Yes, you can really afford this!!!

It's not expensive, is it?
The option to pay will also be availableIn 8 parts, 35 euros every week.


By purchasing course membership from March 3 until its beginning, 
75% of the amount of each purchase will be donated to help Ukraine and its people. 
During the course, we will agree together on the goal or organization that will need this donation the most.

Below you will be able to view the payment methods.
If you have any questions or doubts about payment,
contact me by e-mail - !

Keyboard and Mouse

Frequently asked questions

- I am currently not working/at home with a baby, is this course suitable for me?

Yes, this course is for you, because you know that children do not learn from you, but copy you. If you change your attitude towards money, you will also teach it to your child.
There are no limits to this course, because we all use money, and improving your relationship with money will benefit everyone!
Last year, women between the ages of 18 and 58 took this course. The participants were those who were employed, others had their own businesses, some were also mothers with newly born children and there were also non-working ladies. Each of them had their own, unique experience and fantastic ways in which money, new work and cooperation offers came to them when they sorted out their attitude about money and learned the energy of money.

- At the moment I am very busy, I don't know if I will be able to complete all the tasks.

There will be new tasks every day, but you can choose when to complete them. If you want, you can do them all on the weekend, but I recommend setting aside a certain amount of time every day. Assignments will be available for another 2 weeks after the end of the course. You will be able to repeat the tasks you like. 
GroupsTelegramthe chat will be active until April 16.
Facebookin groups you will be able to continue supporting each other for an unlimited time!

- Can I make the payment in parts?

Yes, it is possible to pay for 8 weeks, 35 euros per week. In order for this to proceed without delay, make sure that you have this amount in your account every week, because without weekly payment access to the course will be denied.

- What can I expect in this course?

Fantastic feeling everyday. I feel that you have, that you are supported, rich and loved!
Every day you will realize more and more how your ego made you feel poor, and you will allow yourself to think, feel and live in abundance!
You will have the best commune where you will not be the "funny one who dreams"! We are all dreamers and doers here. We are supporters and will kick ass if and when needed.
I am very present and available in these chats and courses. You will not have the opportunity to live as a victim!
This course is for you if you want to properly get to know the abundant part of yourself!

- How does this course differ from other courses and from last year's course?

The focus is on and around money and our worth.
Last year's course was a bit of a run-in. Let's use some meditations from it. Also there will be bonus quests from what can be used. 
I have grown a lot in my attitude towards money and business and this year I am passing on all the new knowledge that has brought meextraincome.
In this course, you will definitely "get your ass kicked" if you still have excuses why you don't follow your dreams. This will do and value yourself as worth millions!

- Am I guaranteed specific results?

I can't wait for the course to start and the progress of each participant, but of course I can't keep track of how many tasks are completed and how. Therefore, I cannot promise specific results. BUT, if you are not satisfied with the course within the first 10 days, write to me, I will return the money! 
If you want to see the results - read reviews from previous courses! You will definitely succeed, and you will get what you really want!

- Do you offer discounts, sponsor someone's course?

The first ones always have a special price. I allow sponsoring the course if you have a very good reason for it and you have something fantastic that you will give me or promote this course to others. Contact:


marianna birzniece.jpg

Marianna Birzniece

Thanks Monta! Thanks girls! This was a wonderful kick-off to the New Year.. I'm continuing my streak with the Monta block course. This year will definitely be a year of change and proper self-love!


Dagmāra Ezermale

loves to cook and bake cakes

Until a couple of years ago, I kept a close eye on how I used money - I saved more than I spent, I denied myself a lot and I was ready to walk through at least three stores to find the best offer and price. After the challenge, I became aware of my money blocks, changed my perspective on money. Money is energy that must be used! Now it's much easier to allow myself what I want and need, regardless of the price.


Madara Mitchko
active lifestyle supporter 

I wanted to say a huge thank you to each and every one of you for all of this. For the first time, a challange brings such satisfaction and joy. This group united and united. It was cool to be a part of and a joy to share and a joy to accept the good as well as listen. Thank you all!

Are you ready?

Application for the courseat this momentis open!

By applying now, you will already be able to start preparing and get to know other course participantsFacebookin the  group. You will also receive BONUS tasks there!

Apply by pressing "Learn more!"!



If you apply now, do it deliberately!
Do it for yourself, do it for all of us, so that there are more women in this world who feel like millionaires, regardless of what lifestyle, place of life, partner, job and hobbies they have chosen.
Inside and to the bone Rich You!
I want you to experience it!

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