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How to earn with Online Course?

Free Lecture

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Monta Viļumsone, the author of more than 10 unique courses, mentor and successful online business owner, will lead a lecture so that you too can create your own online course and start earning today!

Imagine that instead of serving 5 customers a day, you can transfer your knowledge to hundreds of people. Imagine that holidays no longer mean - I don't earn. You earn, you sell regardless of place, time and whether you work or not. This is exactly the kind of freedom that an online course gives you, right? You will learn this in a free lecture, reserve your place today!

What will you learn in the lecture?

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I want to join, please book me a place!

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Thank you, see you soon!

I thought there would be 5 people in my first course, but more than 150 applied!

Overnight I had to rethink the infrastructure of the course. I had planned to hand over the tasks in a simple way - in a whatsapp chat, but if 150 people start talking there, then there will be a big fuss, how to do it so that everyone is comfortable and well?
That's how my first online course started.
  • I didn't have exactly prepared materials.
  • I didn't have the right technology.
  • I didn't expect so many people.
  • I didn't know how.
But I knew it would work.
I encouraged myself.
I acted.

I believed that what I was teaching would be useful. Everything that I have learned by trial, error and doing again after creating 10+ courses, I want to pass on to you,
  • so you don't have to make mistakes
  • for you to feel safe
that You know how, that You know what to do if instead of 5 people, 50-100 or 1000 come.
So that you know that you can, because you will know how.

Courses that successfully brought income: 

Yes, but I have no followers, so who will buy my course?
But I have nowhere to film.
I don't like my voice and I'm afraid of videos.

Can we challenge them today - 
how can i get followers who buy?
Where would I like to film my course?
How can I love my voice.

✅ Film the course,
✅ create passive income,
✅ living in greater freedom is a choice.
The choice is also to stay where you are with your excuses.

What choice will you make today?

If you are ready to create an online course, don't delay, but apply for the lectures today, because you definitely want to enjoy the special price, don't you?
During the course, you will learn:
✅ how to get from an idea to your unique course
✅ customer experience card
✅ how to choose the most convenient course format, platform and start building it
✅ the best way of selling for yourself
✅ you will receive support and create an action plan

Course progress:
  • 5 lessons, watch online or repeat at your convenience
  • Ask questions, create, create and get evaluated
  • Course materials are available for an unlimited time
  • An opportunity to continue growing while learning to sell your course from the heart and according to your values!

Apply today!

What do customers say after completing the course?

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