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Retreat - a weekend for relaxation and self-growth!


Imagine 3 days in which you are taken care of - you don't have to cook, wash dishes, take care of children, dogs, cats. Only you become important! You don't even have to think about your healthy morning routine and daily self-development tasks - we will practice all of them together in an exciting way. Yes, the best part - You are no longer alone in self-growth, you have ladies next to you who are also passionate about it and willing to share, talk and support. Sounds cool, right?

Here you can see how our retreats have gone so far! I, Monta Viļumsone, have been leading retreats for more than 5 years. I was inspired by the 7-day silence retreat I enjoyed with Sadhguru and adapted it to the concept of today's busy person - a weekend with a day in silence!

In the silence of the day - after one try, in 98% of cases, this part of the retreat becomes the favorite of its participants. Because where else can you do without a polite greeting and daily "small talk", but at the retreat that's exactly what we do  on a day of silence, we put aside unnecessary and empty noises and surrender to feeling and hearing ourselves - in silence.

I usually organize retreats twice a year - in spring and autumn, in two wonderful places - in Kurzeme, in a country house in the middle of the forest with ponds inhabited by wild swans, and in Tuja, with a view of our own Baltic Ocean through the birch trees.

Take a look at the pictures, videos & let's get in touch so that you too can enjoy the next retreat.

2022 retreat dates:

May 20-21-22. In Kurzeme, surrounded by a forest

September, Tuja

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