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Are you tired of constantly trying to improve yourself?

Updated: Nov 22, 2021

Well, here is something I started my journal with this morning. I felt angry, frustrated and sad all at the same time, because I am so part of it. But I admit, I want it to be different. The self-growth, coaching and self-help industry constantly trying us to make to become somebody who we can love.

Read that again - become someone who you can love. Start with 5am mornings, healthy green smoothie diet or another ''peak potential'' course so you like yourself more and THEN you can fall in love with yourself.

Bullshit!!! I wanted to scream this morning. Why should I be on the path of keep trying, keep going, running after something out there if, in fact, I am that.

Wait a second, am I telling I'm perfect.

No, I'm telling you. You are enough. You are worthy. You are loveable.</