I Chose My Parents

I Chose My Parents

I was the shoulder shrugger when it came to questions about my parents. I was growing and expanding my consciousness through various spiritual practices and they worked. But deep down I knew - they'll probably fail if I don't heal that relationship with my parents. The surface always looked fine. But the feeling for longing to be recognized, loved, and accepted was still in me.

One lovely day I had a talk with my mom. It wasn't pretty but it later lead to another level of connection between us. Most importantly it changed my relationship with anyone else around me and my intimate relationships. My relationship with my father was still in the shrugging zone. This summer on top of all covid surprises I also thought - it's the time, if I go into this and explore it, everything else is going to improve. I did. Not easy, but in the result - my business grew and I feel freer than ever to express myself fully.

So if you feel you're ready to take that next step to explore what's your relationship with your parents and start unfolding your wings again, this is the place for you.

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    Monta Vilumsone

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