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Life's purpose wasn't what I believed it was.

And I learnt it the hard way. I had landed in Panama just 3 years ago and I could still clearly remember how I walked the streets of my first ever Latin American countries. I opened my journal in the morning, wrote all my wishes and they somehow came through during the day. It all felt magical, unbelievable and like living in another reality. Three years later I was walking the same streets thinking that ending the life would be easier than another day in the suffering. I looked the same - my blonde hair and height always stood out, there wasn't a misery written all over my face, but it was spreading through my body.

Fast forward it's 2023, almost 2024 now and I am continuing to live and I learned to live again.

I've learnt to share what I feel to be sharing

I've learnt to speak on stages.

I've learnt to listen to my heart more.

I've taught myself the inner cheerleader language.

I'm in a process and I'm loving it.

How I did it, what happened and how to get out of that misery where you want to give up everything?

Curious? Check out section ''Book''.

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