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Hello, gorgeous!

 Are you ready to confess your dreams to yourself, visualize and fulfill them?
If the answer is yes, then you are in the right place!

What does it mean to MANIFEST? In short - You understand what you want, down to the smallest details, how it looks and most importantly how you feel. Then you let this wish come true. Allowing can mean various actions or, on the contrary, not doing something that prevents what you want from entering your life.

Let's look at different examples:

Anna wanted a new car, she had dreamed of someone and, driving the old car, she already felt like she was driving the new one. After a while, she was promoted and given a company car - just the one she wanted.

Sabine has long wanted an apartment for herself. Until now, she only dreamed about it, thought about it, but did not look at her account, did not save and was not interested in how she could get his apartment for herself. During the challenge, she had to complete practical tasks where she had to calculate how much it would cost, call the bank and ask about options. Sabine realized that this is simpler than it seemed and now lives in her own apartment.

Wishes, what should I wish for?
Anything! You can really want and want everything, without restrictions. 
But, yes, there is one BUT.
You have to be ready and most of all ready to believe in yourself and that you are worth it.

If someone came to you right now and handed you 100 euros, how would you feel?
How would you feel about 1,000 or 10,000 or 1,000,000?

What amount could you accept freely? How would you be uncomfortable?
Would you feel indebted or unearned?

When we dream big things, we must be ready to accept them without shyness, modesty or shame.

Now imagine one of your "big" desires and that it suddenly comes to you, but from a person you don't really like. 
can you accept From a stranger? From the nearest?

Saņem 10 vērtīgus padomus manifestēšanā savā e-pastā jau šodien:

Paldies! Tiekamies e-pastā!


You don't know what you want... I'm sorry, but in reality you are afraid to want! 

You are afraid to want big, beautiful things, experiences, love. It seems to you that you:

  • let yourself down

  • others will laugh at you

  • it's silly, we're not kids anymore

  • life is hard, nothing to tempt yourself with...

You could certainly continue this list and clearly see your limiting pre-states or blocks. Or you can choose to meet yourself boldly, tell yourself what you want.

The challenge will give you this opportunity!

But if you have many wishes? Great! You can practice tasks for one wish during the challenge. Every year we have many different wishes, each very individual.
Some of them:

  • new job and feeling like I'm in the right place there!

  • abundance and "Everything is enough for me!" feeling or higher salary,

  • a new place to live where I feel in harmony with myself,

  • new customers, business is booming!

  • a stronger body, I can complete the training and have enough energy to make dinner!

  • time for yourself - to read, meditate and get to know yourself undisturbed,

  • love yourself more - dance, paint, run and praise yourself,

  • to end the relationship - leave the unnecessary, be brave to do it,

  • start a relationship - jump in and believe that "it will get even better"!



Madara Michko,
a supporter of an active lifestyle

I wanted to say a huge thank you to each and every one of you for all of this. For the first time, a challange brings such satisfaction and joy. This group united and united. It was cool to be a part of and a joy to share and a joy to accept the good as well as listen.

Thank you all!


Krista Goloskova,
writes the book "Royal Putras"

I manifest the right!

I had already taken the exam several times, but I didn't pass, so I buried myself below the ground. But then I listened to Monta's words, prayed from the bottom of my heart and BELIEVED IN MYSELF that I CAN!!!
And everything was exactly like that!

I will never question the power of the universe and God again! And most importantly - that great faith in one's own strength!!!


Aiga Sweden,
content creator and new mom

Well, the universe really has incredible power! Today we found and talked about our new car, which was one of my manifestations. I still can't believe that at the end of the week I will be behind the wheel of my family car. We found it at an incredible price and meeting all requirements. Well, space is complete!

Fear and Blocks

Yes, this is a completely normal "side effect" when we begin to desire, manifest, and live life as we see fit.You will face them, You will notice them and You will solve them. Yes, I promise! Step by step, but you will succeed! During the challenge, you will see that we all have them and that you are not the only one. You will have the opportunity to receive support and support others!


Course Conduct

Every day you will have access to a unique task that will move you step by step towards your dream.For tasksyou can access and fill them at your convenience. Do not have to be online at a certain time.

You will devote yourself to tasks15-30 minutes a day. If you can't complete a task one day, you can safely complete two or more the next day.

Will becommon chat in the Telegram channel- you can use it to share your thoughts and feelings and be in an environment of like-minded people.

Coursematerials are available until the end of June.

The course hasBONUS tasks, if after 21 days you want to continue to feel great and manifest.

- use one notebook for the course, where you do all the tasks,
- plan to complete the course tasks at a certain time every day,
- allow support, ask and receive answers,
- challenge yourself to want more!

IMG_6662 3.jpg

Saņem 10 vērtīgus padomus manifestēšanā savā e-pastā jau šodien:

Paldies! Tiekamies e-pastā!

Kursa plāns:
1. diena Sākam viegli!
2. diena Ko es gribu un vai tas ir patiesi mans?
3. diena Sajūtu valoda
4. diena Svarīgas detaļas
5. diena Radošā vizualizācija
6. diena Mans iekšējais dialogs
7. diena Mana rīcība
8. diena Fokusa maiņas uzdevums
9. diena Meli, ko stāstam sev
10. diena Pamanīt un izmainīt uzreiz
11. diena Pēc kā es tiecos
12. diena Īpaša diena
13. diena Tavs solis tuvāk sev!
14. diena Tava zīme + meditācija
15. diena Intuīcija + meditācija
16. diena Drosmīga darbība, drosmīga Tu!
17. diena Ātri justies labi
18. diena Elpošanas prakse jaudai!
19. diena Audio manifestācija

20. diena Tu esi kosmiskais kanāls!
21. diena Līgums ar sevi - es noticēšu sev līdz galam!

Rezultāti, ko piedzīvoja iepriekšējo izaicinājumu dalībnieces:

  • lielāks iekšējais miers un sajūta, ka esi pareizajā laikā un vietā

  • drosme darīt to, ko jau sen plāno, bet nevarēji saņemties

  • saskaņa ģimenē, otrās pusītes redz, ka paliekam mierīgākas

  • reāli manifestātas lietas - mašīnas, dzīvokļi, algas pielikumi

  • ir arī manifestētie bērniņi ;)

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