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​The real reason why you are still procrastinating!

​This feeling has probably already driven you to a dead end - it seems like one step forward and 5 steps back. You are fooling around and procrastinating. Bessie herself, and nothing really moves forward. 
Woman in Bed

It may even have started with a very good intention - start with one of the most popular self-growth books -

Robin Sharma's "5 am club" or something written by Eckhart Tolle.

You started to realize yourself, you started to dream bigger dreams and created dream collages.

Perhaps you even traveled to someone

exotic land to surrender completelydetoxfor a retreat with local shamans or highly regarded gurus.

Maybe you went ice skating every other day in the winter cold or did breathing exercises until euphoria.

You completely devoted yourself to self-growth - you did EVERYTHING to find what was preventing you from being happy.

You were and probably still are ready to go forward, more and more every day.

You are poisoned by self-improvement.

You are never good.

The right people should be around.

High vibration video should be seen on the screens.

Mantras should be chanted or there should be silence at home.

No one is allowed to spoil your morning hour for yourself.

No one should disturb your daily rituals.

Fuck you squeals, You avoid relatives, friends and continue to spend your life in self-development seminars, so that together with"good vibes only"speakers of the language would give themselves to a new practice, which will probably take you somewhere further.

What's next?

What is it that you are looking for?

Have you ever asked yourself who you are?

Have you looked into your dark side?

Have you removed subconscious blocks that prevent you from living happily if there is no certain vibration, ritual, silence or music?

Something has gone wrong. You just wanted to be happy, didn't you?

But now you find yourself with even more books, analyzing the pain in yourself, you understand that you need to change your whole life and all the people in it.

I want to advise you - take a break!

You won't solve anything with such big changes, because, no matter how cliché it sounds, happiness does not reside in those around you.

By subordinating those around you to your own 'surname and similes'' putting ''dancing for his pole'', You will not be happy.

The next one will come to you'unhappiness'the reason.

Then the next one.

And more.

Until you want to change everything again.

And again.

How many friends and how many husbands do you want to change?

What if you could be happy right where you are-

at the workplace where  You work today,

in a relationship, with or without a routine,

in your body?

Are you interested in such an opportunity?

I have answers, they won't be soft and fluffy.

They will be harsh and contradict "keep only good people around you" and "peace is on the yoga mat".

Peace is everywhere. If you can take it.

If you have closed all the doors to feel happy and indulged in self-torture methods to feel that you deserve love.

You have shot somewhere wrong!

You don't have to sweat in a sauna or jump into an albino to love yourself.

You don't have to pay a guru or go to India to be happy.

You don't need toChanelpurse andGucci belt to feel valuable.

You don't need a new self-improvement book.

You need yourself.

You need to meet yourself.

You will say, but what, I am with myself all the time.

Hanging out at the fridge in the middle of the night and blaming yourself the next morning is not being with yourself. Constantly forcing yourself to do some activities so that you also look busy like all the successful ones, is not being with yourself.

Never being able to spend time alone with yourself is not normal.

Being busy all the time is a disease.

No one else is ruining your life, no one is stopping you from living the way you want, only you yourself. You have not yet looked into your subconscious blocks, your ownBUTandI CAN NOT, to meNOT POSSIBLE.

No, I won't tell you another: "But go and do it!" I'm not talking about that.

It's to go deep and understand why you don't do it.

Why chase yourself, but don't love yourself. It means that the childhood trauma still holds you and you serve it. It's understanding that your interpretation of the trauma is holding you back.

It is to grow from a little girl who gets offended and angry, to a responsible woman who knows her worth.

Which can say:

I experienced this, but this trauma is not me.


It is to look yourself in the eye and say

- I will always be with you, you are a value -

and never let yourself down, because you will fall in love for real - yourself.

This is what happens when you start to solve the blocks of your subconscious.

Don't know your blocks?

Check out the most popular guest blocks here:


How long will you put it off and not do it?

How long will you live with a broken handbrake?

Are you a good example for your family about how to live life to the fullest?

If you feel that you want to go faster, more efficiently and with a clear, step-by-step plan, go explore and eliminate your blocks - apply for the course:Blast the Blocks!

In 10 steps, you will solve your limiting ideas about what is or is not possible for you in life, and gain inner freedom within yourself.


Why would I?

Because we don't have unlimited time to live, but blocks limit living.

I remember how I had blocked myself from life so much, I had the feeling that I was looking at it as if it was slipping past my eyes and I wasn't really experiencing or feeling anything.

When I started this supposedly dirty journey in my blocks, I realized, it's not so crazy there. Today I am proud that I know myself better, that I know why I do/don't do something.

And I will be proud of you too.

I will be by your side.

See you at the block blasting course:

Screenshot 2022-01-27 at 15.52.42.png
​What else is the benefit of removing blocks?
Solve Blocks to inspire others!

It is already "next level", but I want you to be at the next level.

When you solve your blocks, you show others that there is a possibility

better, cooler, easier, that they too can get out of that mess and move forward.

+ In bonus,You solve generational blocks,

because if, for example, everyone in your family worked hard and never felt appreciated, and when you solve the block debt, you show that you can work easily, you can receive and accept praise,

You bring new opportunities to your family.

The next generation will do it differently! There is a lot of power and opportunities in your hands and choices!


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