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Is adaptability the highest skill you can develop?

Updated: Nov 22, 2021

I have been pondering on this for the past few weeks as I've been editing my book to be published in Latvian and it again makes me read my story and clearly see how I've lived and why and how I've chosen one or another path. This is why I also highly suggest ANYONE write about their life. Journal about your life, the best, the worst and see where you go in cycles. If you need help, feel free to hit me up and chat and I can coach you through. No, you don't need to aim for a published book,

aim for improved life and understanding of how you operate as a human being.

Back to the skill of being able to adapt. James Altucher writes a lot about it, but I haven't finished his book yet, so I can't tell you it's 100% this type of idea. But my goes like this:

The easier you adapt to whatever life brings you, the happier you are.

There is one BUT though.

I feel like being led. Being taken to a new height, path, or journey from time to time.

If you resist, I feel like I'm going downhill full speed and trying to stop my vehicle by foot. It just doesn't work. And I can do it all the way down, or I can get in the driver's seat and start enjoying the view.

I share 3 easy, yet super powerful questions to get un-stuck from resisting change:

#1 What is the view you see now? Where are you now?

I'll be fully raw and honest with you as I've never been before. I have written about myself openly but published it after some time. I'm fully in love with my new hobby - motorbike riding. I can't stop thinking about it, I want to do it all the time. I've stopped counting the money I've spent there, nothing seems to be too expensive or not worth it. I lose time when I'm riding. I don't want to eat or sleep, I just want to practice. Get better at it. Ride more. I enjoy meeting others who love it too. I don't judge them if they are smoking or eating meat, I admire them for being such good riders. I don't need them to have read certain types of spiritual literature to feel like we can have a conversation. I just accept. I feel like I'm shedding a ton of spiritual bullshit I've taken on during the past few years. And I'm sorry if I didn't talk to you because you hadn't read Eckart Tolles - New world or had experienced a spiritual Ayahuasca journey with a Shaman.

OMG - you see, I'm changing.

#2 What are you scared of on what's calling you?

That it's just bikes. That I'm going to be so far away from that spiritual path that I thought I was on. But I feel so much more spiritual when on the bike. I don't think, I am here and now. Not being here and now means death.

And literally, death. Even though on a daily basis we are in the past and future and we don't even realize - it's the death of the now moment.

Wow, I'm blown away by this realization! So I'm scared people won't understand me. I'm going to lose those who liked me because I taught meditation every day at 11am on Instagram. I'm scared I'll look too taught or too manly for my future husband to approach and ask me out. I'm scared my friends will change because I'll spend more time on a bike now. I'm scared I'll go away again and be alone on a bike traveling and it might feel lonely and lead to another episode of depression.

So, is that it, is there anything else that scares you?

I don't know a sh** about bikes. I'm so 0 knowledge and experience there and all I've got is enthusiasm.

#3 The universe said: Enthusiasm? It's enough!

So what's the best that can happen to you? Oh, well, now and then I dream about it but just for a second, I haven't allowed myself to be fully on the wave of it. Let's try now.

Montas new motorbike life adventure in the best possible way... I can ride whenever and wherever I like. I'm getting better and better at riding every day. I've tried many bikes and I love the one I have. I love going by it short and long distances. I've learned to ride with a second passenger and now and then I inspire someone how fun it is. I've traveled all around Europe and riding in mountains is a fun, magical, and mystical experience.

I've met many like me, I feel I belong and I am ok to love it so much. There is all, I have it all - the bike life, the meditation life, and yoga is still there, all components and love, I ride with my partner. I'm blessed, I'm grateful, I'm truly fulfilled with divine love.

Wow, a relief. Thank you. Did you enjoy this self-therapy session? And you see - eventually you come to belong and you arrive home safely! That's all we have to do anyways, right?

Want more and want to learn more about how to use writing, meditation, and conversation to sort out the things that are holding you back from living the life you truly desire? Get in touch with me:

I promise we'll have an amazing journey together!

Oh, wait - the adaptability, you see, I gave you steps and didn't tell you why it's important. But I think you got it - to move forward faster and to get into that your zone of genius and whatever is calling you.

I've received those calls from the universe couple of times in my life and not always I've answered and listened to the instructions - I resisted to teach and share and got into depression, I had to really shed a lot to speak up about manifestation and affirmations just to realize - everyone already knew and was just afraid to tell, now we have a beautiful community of high vibe people supporting people! It's so much more worth it to get over step 2! Pick up the phone now ;)

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