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Is writing better than therapy?

Updated: Nov 22, 2021

Only when I had finished the last chapter of my book Becoming a Human Again and went to re-read what I had written in the past six months, I realized - I have healed myself a lot. Like a ton. Like I had done years of therapy.

I could see how my first chapters were so full of fear and not being sure. Yes, they were about earlier ages of my life but also I could feel how me, describing them now, was still not sure if those were gains or losses. Most of the time I was still writing from the point of the victim and as if life was hard.

When a friend of mine was editing, he once with a smile on his face said: How funny, you are saying the same thing as in your childhood in your 30s again. I asked what was it and I felt like I was struck by a lightning. I really do, I just hadn't noticed.

Writing makes you notice. To notice the cycles of life, the events that are repeating, and things you've tried to escape, but somehow never managed. You see it on the paper and you have a better understanding that this is not working, something needs to be changed.